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Month: December 2017

A Canine Culinary Evolution

There have been monumental scientific advances in dog food formulas and nutrition since the early days when dog food first became available in those 25 pound sacks.
We all agree that our beloved pets – whatever they might be, deserve the most nutritous and biologically appropriate (for their age group) as possible. Some contemporary
veteranarians and manufacturers of dog food products believe that feeding dogs their evolutionary diet of bones and raw foods is optimum and far better than commercial
brands of dog food. This diet as also known as the b.a.r.f. diet and follows a current movement of feeding dogs whole, raw, and natural foods including eating bones. While this diet might be suitable for some breeds, I’m of the belief that it isn’t suitable for all breeds. Most concerned pet owners will agree that the commercial brands are so highly processed and full of preservatives that they can’t provide a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and premium quality protein sources.

According to recent studies, there is an ideal ratio for a healthy dog diet. It consists of approximately 40% meat, 50% vegetables (who would have thought that?), and 10% grain or carbohydrate. A good idea is to check the ingredient ratio on the label of the brand you are considering. The 1st or 2nd ingredient which is likely to be a source of protein, should come from chicken, lamb or beef. It should not come from “meat by products”. “By products” can include feet, bones, or even beaks. Just think about what scrapple or head cheese is made from and you’ll get the idea. So avoid products with alot of fillers such as corn, corn meal, and wheat as these can be allergens. People food and table scraps aren’t always good for dogs. Some foods are actually toxic to dogs like grapes, raisins, onions, and chocolate. Sorry about that last one, fido!

In doing research for this article I found supplemental food products that are definately innovative. One product contains a blend of crude protein, fiber, chlorophyll, and lavender. These munchable treats were formulated to reduce a dog’s body odor. Another quality product loaded with vitamins not only freshens a dog’s breath, but also keep plaque down to a minimum. And would you guess that there’s also a salmon oil product for dogs? There sure is. It transforms ordinary dog food into a nutritious feast providing healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. There are now so many healthy and beneficial treats for dogs, it’s enough to make a human jealous.

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