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  Unique Culinary, This Pasta is Served in a Giant Cheese Wheel

Written on October 16, 2017   By   in Culinary

One of Italy’s most favorite dishes is pasta. In addition to delicious, pasta is presented with various shapes and mixtures of ingredients.

Presentation mode is increasingly more unique, such as how to present this one. Not many people know that pasta can be served in a cheese wheel.

How to make it not too complicated that the middle of the cheese cut with a special knife. After that, the center of the cheese wheel will be heated slowly with a welding torch.

Then after melting, the cheese wheels will be made to form like a large bowl. Cooked fresh pasta can be put into the cheese while stirring and mixing the spices. After absorbing perfectly with the cheese, pasta can be served immediately.

Pasta served like this is called “cacio e pepe” ie pasta with a mixture of cheese and black pepper, or better known as the Pasta Roma. Types of cheese wheels are used such as parmesan or pecorino.

It will be more delicious if served with Italian wine. For cheese and pasta lovers, you should try this one dish.


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