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  5 Nice Coffee Shop in London Vintage Style

Written on October 7, 2017   By   in Culinary

Vacation to England is fun, coffee shops can also be a choice of vacation in the UK. Coffee lovers, if to London do not forget to stop at five coffee shop this old nuance. You can taste coffee in the past. In addition to enjoying delicious food and drinks, the beauty of the atmosphere will make you feel calm and can release stress. Launched from vintageindustrialstyle, London has 5 vintage coffee shop style that you must visit. In addition to coffee you can take pictures with a cool European vintage atmosphere.

1. Gambardella

Classic Cafe with address: 43 Vanbrugh Park. Belonging to the family from Italy is the power of the 60’s. Very fitting to spend time while snacking and drinking tea. Vintage style, open since 1927, in 2009 ago this cool cafe has been one location filming an ad and the movie ‘The Boat That Rocked’.

2. Issy’s Milky Way

For those of you who crave dating in cafes in the 50s that play old popular songs and movies? This place is the answer. Fitted with a 50’s decor with Elvis Presley memorabilia and ancient TV. Here you can enjoy an American-style sundae, coffee and milkshake. Not to forget also a variety of toast dishes and Elvis Presley cupcakes.
Address: 28 Camden Passage.

3. Café Vintage

This cafe stands in year 2010 which also serves as a boutique. Customers will be greeted with the aroma of fresh coffee, delicious bread and pies. The vintage decorations and jazz accompaniment add to the unique feel of this retro café. Address: 88 Mountgrove Road.

4. Regency Cafe

The cafe was founded in 1946 in Pimlico. When entering this cafe like through the time machine to London in different eras. Regency to be a fitting place for classic British culinary enthusiasts. Curtains and whiteboards became distinctive decorations. The walls are decorated with photos of every decade’s cafes and café photos in one of the 2004 Layer Cake movie scenes. Address: 17-19 Regency.

5. Drink, Shop & Do

The cafe offers a selection of varied teas served in gorgeous cups and saucers. Enjoyment will be felt when with favorite dishes such as lemon cake, Victoria sponge cake, and kitsch finger sandwiches. Each table features a board game that will accompany you while enjoying the meal. Vintage furniture and household appliances are sold to the public. On Friday and Saturday nights, the venue will be Drink, Shop & Dance. The presence of DJ makes visitors can dance until 2 am. Address: 9, Caledonian Road.



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